Born and raised in small-town Wisconsin, I moved to Austin in 1997 after completing college at UC San Diego. In 2011, I left a career in high-tech to pursue something different. I sought a career that positioned my spirituality at the center of my vocation, not the periphery. While exploring different options, I found myself pulled into the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


In my view, what makes acupuncture and Oriental Medicine so special is its unique ability to treat the body and spirit as a single entity. Working with patients is never only about addressing physical symptoms. It always entails balancing moods and emotions while helping people establish deeper connections - with their friends and family, with their community, or by finding deeper meaning through their life’s work and purpose. I believe issues with the physical body are often indicators of some other message, some aspect of ourselves calling out for recognition and acknowledgement. Practicing acupuncture enables me to help others explore subtle aspects of their spiritual path and find greater joy and meaning in life.


I fell in love with Austin when I arrived 20 years ago. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to offer effective, affordable acupuncture to the passionate and talented people in my community. If you want to feel better and you're seeking a new approach to improve your health and well-being, schedule an appointment today.

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