Along my path, I fell in love with a Japanese form of acupuncture called Meridian Therapy. This highly effective and deeply relaxing form of acupuncture utilizes blunt silver needles that don’t pierce the skin. For people who are sensitive to needles, I’m able to employ a variety of styles and techniques to deliver a comfortable and effective treatment.

Gentle & Relaxing

Japanese acupuncture requires specialized training beyond the 4-year Master’s program and 1,000+ clinical hours required for licensure. The techniques I practice require a high degree of skill and sensitivity. I’m proud of the work I’ve done to develop my skills as a healer. Whatever challenge you're facing today, I feel confident in my ability to help you feel better.

Specialized Training

When you don’t feel well, your body is responding to an underlying imbalance. Some forms of medicine alleviate your symptoms by coaxing the body to respond differently to whatever is out of balance. I utilize centuries-old pulse diagnosis techniques to identify and treat the imbalance at the root of your health condition. In this way, I’m able to deliver a long-lasting, highly effective treatment with a low likelihood of side effects.

Holistic Healing

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