Shamanic Healing

Heal Emotional Wounds

Achieve Your Potential

Open Your Heart

Align With Your Destiny

If you feel stuck or blocked in some area of your life, Shamanic Healing can help. Most of us carry unresolved emotional pain from traumatic experiences. These unhealed wounds keep us tethered to the past and unable to move forward toward our highest path and purpose. If you have experienced trauma or loss, and still suffer from unresolved emotional wounds, Shamanic Healing offers a unique, supportive opportunity to heal.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing is a one-on-one healing modality that includes ceremony and breathwork. It originates in the traditions of the Q’ero tribe of Peru. The medicine was handed down to Dr. Alberto Villoldo, author and founder of the Four Winds Society. Dr. Villoldo apprenticed with several powerful Shamans in South America before bringing this knowledge to America. I trained for several years under Christina Allen, a senior instructor at Four Winds and founder of Austin Shamanic Center.

How Does It Work?

In a healing session, we begin by clarifying your challenge or difficulty. You set your intention to heal, I open sacred space, and we move into ceremony. While in ceremony, I guide you to release unresolved emotional energies using breathwork. This frees you from the past, releases the burden of unhealed wounds, and enables you to pursue your highest path and purpose.

Shamanic Healing offers freedom, insight, clarity and peace. Truly transformative healing enables you to change the course and trajectory of your life. Shamanic Healing frees you to step out of time, release your burdens, and choose a new path forward. 

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